What we are building

Think what Netflix is to TV and Spotify to music but make it for your finances.

On average, 9 in every 20 individuals in the Global banked population have one (or more) cards with them at every moment. Having too many cards and digital wallets is a side effect of a heavily fragmented financial ecosystem.

Grip connects it.

By consolidating all your debit cards, credit cards and digital wallets into a single channel, Grip will be the only card you’d ever need to carry around and the only pin you’d ever need to remember!

One Channel For All Your Payments

One Channel, All Payments Everything

Grip would be your access to a world of transformed finances. Think unified transaction records across all your existing payment channels, better budget and expense tracking, and all the added benefits that come with having a single channel across your financial world!

Did someone say, Declined? With fallback we've got you covered

Fallback Cards

Night out with friends? Your financial service provider isn’t having a particularly good day and your card declines? With Grip Fallback we switch through your cards on our end so you don’t have to. You tell us which cards to fall back to and when your primary fails, we try to charge those instead, effectively eliminating awkward moments

Access to unlimited FX

Bank FX restrictions boggling you down? We’ve been there too. With your Grip card, you get unlimited access to FX and all you have to do is link your existing cards. Literally, that’s all it takes. Pay across online stores and in over 200+ countries without ever worrying about restrictions.

Unlimited FX
Unique Card Design

You've never seen a card like this!

Our Grip cards are uniquely crafted for all people, and we have a variety of different cards across our entire offering range to appeal to each individual's unique taste. We’re all different in our own little ways, be different with your Grip card.

There's a


There’s a lot more we’d like to share with you, but where’s the fun in knowing everything now? 😉 If we’ve piqued your interest, let us know by getting on the waitlist and we’d let you know as soon as we launch.

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